Considering A Career In Real Estate?


  • More time for you! The staff and management are here to support you and take the “busy work” off your hands so that you can spend your valuable time building your business, meeting clients, or simply having time for you and your family. The services and benefits we provide can save you upwards of $55,000/year!
  • Social media made easy. Social media is an important aspect of personal marketing, but it can take large amounts of time and effort. Our programs and staff support make it mostly automatic!
  • Unparalleled office support. MLS data input, status changes, and photo management are all done by staff. Combined with our other extensive offerings even agents that have had over 20 million dollars in production have never needed to hire an assistant
  • Deliveries covered. Contract and earnest money delivery to title companies are done by staff.
  • Promotional materials provided. Flyers, ad proofing, Facebook promotions, and open house processes are all done by the staff ready for you to share and take to your presentations.
  • Your marketing is our business! Extensive marketing and advertising are provided by the office for Zillow, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media and digital platforms. Extensive SEO work and personal branding are tied into every agent’s individual marketing for personal promotion as well - all professionally done at no cost to you by our programs and staff!
  • Stress-free mailing. Print advertising, client mail-outs, and mailing list management is provided and paid for by Senter, REALTORS.
  • Never miss a client again! Full time staff and REALTORS are available to answer calls, messages, and property inquiries.
  • We invest in your education! Half of all continuing education costs are paid for by the office, including half of any travel and food if you choose to travel for a special class.
  • On-the-go support. Digital and mobile access is provided for all transactions and documents.
  • Signage supplied. Signs and individual riders are supplied by the company.
  • Cutting edge industry updates. Regular updates on contracts, legal changes, and speakers from related industries are brought in to keep you up-to-date on the real estate world.
  • The business is yours! Management does not compete with our agents. Our leads and business go straight to you!
  • Your profit is our priority! Our extensive support systems, programs, and marketing are all provided with no monthly fees, no desk costs, and no printing/advertising costs. When you combine this with our monthly bonus payback system, our system will make you the most money at the end of the day!


  • Locally owned, community focused. Senter, REALTORS has been locally owned and operated for over 60 years in Abilene. The Senter name is known for its support of the community and one of our highest guiding principles is to give back to that community that has supported us for so many years. Clients and agents both know that supporting Senter is supporting Abilene.
  • Private office space. Enjoy large and private offices in our spacious and remodeled office building.
  • All office equipment provided. Why deal with the hassle of maintaining your office space and straining your budget? We provide desks, phones, storage systems, copiers, email, scanning, and conference rooms all for your use at no cost to you!!
  • Convenient and accessible location. Centrally located in South Abilene, we offer easy access to title companies, properties, and lenders.
  • A community of professionals. Our friendly and cooperative atmosphere includes company dinners and lunches throughout the year to celebrate our agents and their successes!
  • Retirement options. Don't let the book of business you've built during your career become useless when you're ready to retire. Ask about our retirement program.


  • Consistent availability for you! Your support, broker, and manager are always in the office and always available. They provide continuous evaluation, coaching, and feedback on your sales practices, goals, budgeting, investing, and on overcoming challenges.
  • Experience is on your side. Scott & Shay Senter are a multi-generational Abilene family with decades of combined real estate experience. They continue to be extremely active both in the city and in the many Abilene organizations for which they serve on the board of directors.
  • Training included. New agents will receive comprehensive training over 6-7 weeks that will cover all aspects of the business giving you confidence in your real estate practice, including:
    • Contracts, forms, common mistakes, legal issues, ethics
    • MLS, Social Media, Online Transaction Management Systems, Zillow
    • Good sales practices with daily/weekly/monthly business checklists and ideas
    • Client management, engaging your social sphere, building your clientele
    • Personal development, growth, time management
  • Educational support. Education is never ending, and you’ll always have the support of the management to develop, grow, and keep up to date on your business.
  • Personalized transaction coordination. Shay Senter is ready to use his extensive information and experience to make your transactions streamlined and successful! Overseeing 300+ transactions a year as the transaction coordinator for Senter, REALTORS keeps him familiar with all common transactional issues, pitfalls, and proper documentation. He sees all the mistakes, and all the good ideas! As your personal help desk and second set of eyes for any document you fill out you can feel confident in the training and support you’ll receive as you build and grow your real estate business.


  • Shay Senter has received various honors such as winning the AbileneBIZ 20 under 40 award, completing both Leadership Abilene and City University programs, finishing the Texas REALTORS Leadership Program, and is a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Training Program. Shay holds the professional designation of CRB (Certified Residential Broker) and is one of only two to hold the designation in our entire market area. He also brings with him the education and tools of the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) institute. These designations are widely regarded as providing an exceptional level of service to clients and have world-wide referral networks and connections to other REALTORS of the same caliber. The knowledge, newsletters, and continuing education provided by these two programs are constantly spurring new ideas and ensuring Senter, REALTORS is on the edge of market information and innovation.
  • Scott Senter brings almost 40 years of real estate expertise and tremendous experience for sales practices, insight, and commercial real estate. Scott is also a long time CCIM and has connections across the state from his commercial real estate practice as well as serving on the Texas REALTORS commercial committee since the mid-80s and chairing it twice. Scott has received awards such as AbileneBIZ 20 over 50 award, Small Business Person of the Year from the Chamber of Commerce, and REALTOR of the year from the Abilene Association of REALTORS. Scott is also a successful graduate of the Dale Carnegie Training Program and Leadership Abilene.