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At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Senter, REALTORS, we are dedicated to empowering our agents to thrive in their real estate careers. With over 66 years of experience, we have developed an unrivaled office support system that enables our agents to focus on strong relationships with clients and grow their business. With management and ownership that's local and always available, our agents have the guidance and support they need to succeed.

Our advertising, client management, transaction management, and social media systems are provided and managed by the office, putting your time back where it belongs - in your hands.

Our commitment is to your success in every way possible. Contact Shay Senter to learn more and schedule a career consultation!

real estate career - company values

Committed to Our Values

We aren't the largest real estate company in town, and have no aspirations to be. We focus on creating a top-notch experience both for our clients and our affiliated agents.

Our per person closing number is almost 4 times the city average, at just under 14 transactions. We promise to deliver a better way to be a REALTOR, and our track record proves that we do.

We've spent over 66 years building our reputation by staying true to our values and partnering with a brand that shares our ideals. Our office support system is designed to help you succeed, build your career, and enjoy a high quality of life.

If you're looking for a real estate career that truly stands out, join BHGRE Senter, REALTORS. We'll help you become a rock star in the industry.

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Abilene real estate office. Residential and commercial REALTORS.

A Great Place to Work

We understand the importance of having a comfortable and functional workspace to help you succeed in your real estate career. That's why we provide all of our agents with office space equipped with everything you need to get the job done.

Our offices include high-speed internet, phones, desks, and storage space, along with full access to company printers, meeting rooms, computers, and more. Plus, we provide all the necessary marketing materials such as yard signs, marketing folders, flyers, and other promotional materials, all available right in the office.

Our centrally located office in South Abilene puts you in the middle of the action, right where Abilene is growing the most. And with over 65 years of experience running a successful real estate office, we've developed systems that are tested, trusted, and proven.

real estate career - lifestyle brand

The Most Relevant Brand in Real Estate

As an affiliate of the iconic Better Homes and Gardens brand, BHGRE Senter, REALTORS agents benefit from the instant trust and high standard of service associated with a brand that has been a fixture in homes and offices worldwide for over 100 years.

Our affiliation keeps you relevant and top-of-mind with your clients 365 days a year, providing you with the tools and programs to bring them value before, during, and after the transaction.

In an industry that's constantly evolving, we believe it's important to stay ahead of the curve. Be Better and stand out from the crowd with a brand and office that have stood the test of time.

real estate career - education benefits

Investing in Your Education

You never stop learning in this business, and you never stop growing. We offer dozens of educational opportunities every single month between in-house training and our BHGRE Super Trainers.

Enjoy an easy to access library to view on demand at your own pace. Covering marketing, business planning, lead generation, social media, cyber security, market updates, valuation, luxury & new construction markets, and more! Recorded and live courses provided free of charge to BHGRE Senter affiliated agents.

As great as our trainers are we still encourage agents to pursue outside opportunities and we cover half of your expenses!

real estate career - support benefits

Providing Unmatched Support

Full-time staff is provided to all BHGRE Senter, REALTORS agents. This includes inputting all data and photo-upload into the MLS, ordering home warranties, creating marketing items, transaction coordination, preparing mailers, and more!

Our staff and management is here to be your team and take care of the busy work so you can focus on your clients and business. Let our well established systems handle all the little, but important, items.

Our transaction management system is fully mobile, has all your forms, and includes easy to manage checklists & built-in calendar so you never leave a task undone.

With our team at your side, you'll have the peace of mind to provide exceptional service to your clients while enjoying a better quality of life.

real estate career - marketing and advertising

Marketing And Advertising

We provide full marketing and advertising packages for every single listing, all paid for by us. This includes a 10-day advertising campaign and a custom text code to make it easy for interested buyers to get in touch with you. Marketing materials are generated as soon as your listing hits the MLS, and are continually updated with any price or status changes. We offer multiple templates for quick and easy customization, so you can spend more time focusing on your clients.

In addition, we provide our agents with billboards throughout the year, at no extra cost. Website retargeting ads are also provided for one website of your choice, so you can stay top of mind with potential clients.

We believe in supporting our agents beyond just their listings. We provide the marketing support you need to succeed in real estate.

real estate career - presentation software

Presentations Made Easy

Looking to create impressive and professional presentations that will help you win more listings? Our presentation software is specifically designed for real estate agents, and it syncs directly with the MLS. This means you'll always have access to the latest data and information, and your clients will be impressed with the level of detail you can provide.

Our software comes with dozens of pre-made templates that include beautiful marketing pieces and highlights from both the brand level and localized data specific to BHGRE Senter, REALTORS. With just a few simple inputs, you can create buyer tours, CMAs, and full listing presentations that will elevate your value.

Not only will this save you time, but you'll win more listings!

real estate career - CRM


We provide all our affiliated agents with a powerful CRM that simplifies lead management and streamlines communication with clients.

Our CRM automatically syncs with all your lead sources, including text codes, company and brand websites, paid lead sources, and your personal website. This ensures that all your prospects are captured and added to your database without any extra work on your part.

With our easy-to-use system, you can quickly set up personalized monthly Neighborhood News and market reports by zip code, or customize them further to suit your clients' needs. Plus, with dozens of drip and follow-up campaigns available, you can stay in touch with clients effortlessly and never miss an opportunity to build lasting relationships.

Our world-class CRM is completely free to all BHGRE Senter affiliated agents, so you can focus on what matters most - your clients and your business.

real estate career - moxi websites

Personal Websites Provided

We believe that every agent should have their own online presence to showcase their brand and listings. That's why we provide each of our affiliated agents with a fully customizable personal website, hosted on the domain of their choice.

Our website builder is user-friendly and requires no coding skills. You can choose from a variety of templates and drag-and-drop elements to create a website that reflects your unique style and personality. Plus, with pre-made pages and built-in search engine optimization (SEO), you can have a stunning website up and running in no time.

Our agent websites are fully integrated with our CRM and other marketing tools, ensuring that all leads are captured and tracked seamlessly. You can also leverage our powerful blogging and video platforms to establish your expertise and build your online presence.

Whether you're promoting your brand, listings, or community, your website will be an essential tool in your arsenal.

The Distinctive Collection by BHGRE Senter, REALTRORS - Luxury Homes & Lifestyle

The Luxury Advantage

Luxury properties deserve a luxury marketing strategy. At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, we specialize in promoting Abilene's top 10% of homes through our Distinctive Collection tier of advertising.

Our Distinctive Collection offers an array of exclusive marketing materials and a national website promoted around the globe to reach high-end clients. Plus, our lifestyle experts partner with renowned celebrity designer Jennifer Adams to provide unique offerings and a discount on luxury products for your clients.

With our luxury-focused training classes, you'll learn how to combine all of these elements and win business in this highly desirable and prestigious market.

Commercial Logo for BHGRE Senter, REALTORS

Abilene Commercial Real Estate Experts

If you're looking to operate in the commercial market there's no better place to be than BHGRE Senter, REALTORS. With our decades of experience in the commercial market place you will have the support, training, and marketing you need to build your business.

We pay for exposure of all commercial listings on both Loopnet and CREXI to save you costs. We also provide large 4x4 paneled signage and paid advertising packages to maximize the exposure of your listings.

All commercial agents are expected to pursue their CCIM designation in order to provide the level of service our office expects. When you earn that designation with us we'll reimburse you half of all your expenses.

Senter, REALTORS - 65th Anniversary in Abilene

Exclusive Programs

We're here to help you add value to your client's experience.

With BHGRE Moves, you can provide your clients with timely discounts, relevant reminders, and money-saving services leading up to and after their move. Our utility concierge services also save your clients hours on the phone.

BHGRE RealVitalize offers upfront funding for high-impact repairs that can increase the selling price of your client's home, and make you look great to win more business.

Our personalized magazine program lets you send 12 branded issues of the iconic BHG Magazine as a gift to your clients, helping to keep you top of mind and generate referral business.

Real Estate Career - Reaching Leads Everywhere

Generating Leads

Our brand reaches millions of consumers every month, providing our agents with a steady flow of company-generated leads through various channels such as local and national websites, text codes, referral sources, the global Anywhere Leads Network, and paid sources like Zillow and

The best part? Our leads are provided at no cost to you as an agent. Plus, by joining our curated team of smaller, high-producing agents, you'll have more opportunities to succeed due to less competition for those leads.

We don't just generate leads and leave you to figure out the rest. We provide comprehensive training on how to convert those opportunities into clients and future business, and our technology suite makes managing those leads and your business a breeze.

real estate career - let's talk money

Let's Talk Money

We believe in transparency and providing the best opportunities for our agents. That's why we have ZERO FEES. No monthly fees, franchise fees, admin fees, transaction fees, or e&o fees. No fees, period.

All the benefits and programs mentioned above are included at no extra cost. We want our agents to thrive and succeed.

But it doesn't stop there. Our bonus program ensures you receive a monthly paycheck, providing stability in a commission-based lifestyle. Whether you are a new agent or joining us from another company, you'll start earning a bonus check immediately.

Would agents stay with us for decades if our system wasn't proven to build success and a high quality of life? Let's have a conversation and discuss how we will elevate your real estate career.

Shay Senter

President & Owner

Work: (325) 695-8000

Cell: (325) 665-5574