Housing Insights Abilene Housing Insights: February 2023 Quick Thoughts Days on the market has increased significantly in the last 90 days. Sales prices have pulled back slightly to start the year. High demand price ranges are still low on inventory, but improved from most of 2022. Still a Seller’s Market While things are much calmer than they were 6-9  months ago, it’s […]
Housing Insights Abilene Housing Insights: January 2023 Quick Thoughts It’s not uncommon for January to be a slow month Pending sales are in a much better place looking at February Prices have stayed in the $230,000-$250,000 median range since April of 2022 Mortgage Rates Mortgage rates are expected to remain in the low 6% range for most of the year. There is […]
Real Estate Thoughts Homebuying 101: Mortgage Approval Homebuying 101: Mortgage Approval Getting mortgage approval is inevitable for most homebuyers unless you pay cash. A mortgage pre-approval letter is a powerful way to get an edge in a bidding war. Plus, mortgage pre-qualification lets buyers know how much house they can afford. Discover how to get through a successful mortgage approval, one of […]
Housing Insights Abilene Housing Insights: December 2022 The market is changing, and the wild ride of the past two years is over. Quick Thoughts The closed sales decline should be taken with a grain of salt. A slowing market happened right as the holidays began which are a historically slower time. Annually closed home sales for Abilene are down just over 8% […]
Real Estate Thoughts BHGRE Senter, REALTORS: 2022 Recap 2022 Highlights Set two company records for most under contract sales in a single month Highest company sold volume in 20 years at 66.2 million in closed sales! Celebrated 65 years of being a locally owned and operated Abilene business Over 30 non-profits and events supported in 2022 Quality over quantity with outstanding numbers in […]
Housing Insights Abilene Housing Insights: November 2022 Quick Thoughts November is historically a slower month, and overall home sales were very low The lower median sales price is largely a factor of the limited volume Interest rates peaked during November which impacted buyer activity Moving Forward Interest rates have pulled back, and are expected to stay closer to 6% moving forward Prices […]
Housing Insights Abilene Housing Insights: October 2022 Well yes, I do believe the market has changed. The Highlights Prices continue to remain flat since April. Prices are expected to remain mostly flat through 2023. With a potential to rise ~3%. There is also potential for prices to drop 5%. There is no data to remotely support any kind of “crash” occurring. Interest […]
Housing Insights Abilene Housing Insights: September 2022 The market is changing. Having professional, local, and full-time guidance to guide your real estate decisions is more important than ever. Interest rates have risen more than expected, and positive inflation news remains aloof. The inventory recovery continues to be strong as we get closer to returning to three months of available inventory. Home prices […]
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Housing Insights Abilene Housing Insights: August 2022 A Changing Market The market is changing. The heavy seller’s market we experienced for a good 15 months is no more. It is still a seller’s market, but not drastically so. Demand has dropped significantly due to inflation, rising cost of living, and mortgage interest rates continuing to rise. The median sales price remains largely […]
Real Estate Thoughts Licensed, Unlicensed, and REALTOR: What’s the Difference? I wanted to take some time today to talk about these three categories of people who can participate in the real estate process, what kind of rules bind each category, and why it’s important to the public to know who they are dealing with. Unlicensed Individuals & Groups It’s important that we remember that anyone […]
Housing Insights Abilene Housing Insights: July 2022 Inventory Recovery! For the first time since October of 2020 we have over 2 months of housing inventory available. This is mostly fueled by a surge in homes being put on the market, but also by a slight decrease in home buyer demand. The factors we’ve been talking about for months with increased prices, rising […]
Uncategorized Eco-Friendly Home Investments Eco-friendly home improvements can significantly benefit the planet and your wallet. While making choices like purchasing energy-efficient appliances, replacing windows, and switching to renewables to power your home will require an up-front investment, over time, they can make a remarkable difference in the amount of energy you use and waste. Read on as we reveal […]
Housing Insights Abilene Housing Insights: June 2022 Inventory Recovery The inventory recovery continues in full swing. We’ve come along ways from our low of less than 1 month of inventory. A healthy inventory is generally considered to be 2.5-3 months of inventory. We’re getting closer. Rising interest rates combined with home prices that continue to rise have slowed buyer demand. Small sections […]
Housing Insights Abilene Housing Insights: May 2022 The New Normal for Abilene Homes The world is still adapting to the new normal, and real estate is no different. I talked about this a little bit in last month’s post, but it’s more relevant as we move forward. Prices *ARE NOT* up another 15% compared to the past several months. The median sales […]
Real Estate Thoughts REALTOR Minute: Rent vs Buy June is National Homeownership Month! As REALTORS we support the right to home ownership and believe it is a tremendous way to generate wealth. However, buying is not always the universally correct answer. There’s no need to make it overly complicated, but the guideline we often give our clients is that you need to plan […]
Housing Insights Abilene Housing Insights: April 2022 Median Price & Active Listings Median price has been a tricky metric to process the past 12-15 months looking at year over year reporting. Did the median price of the homes that sold increase? Yes, clearly. Did the prices of homes increase by that same amount? No. This was more clear when we talked about […]
Real Estate Thoughts The Distinctive Collection: More Than a Name! The Distinctive Collection: So Much More Than a Name   It seems like every real estate brand in the world is taking their logo and slapping some kind of luxury tag on it, but is it actually different from their normal services? Some of them are, some of them aren’t. Here at BHGRE Senter, REALTORS […]
Housing Insights Abilene Housing Insights: March 2022 Abilene Housing Insights – March 2022   For those that tuned in last month you’ll remember we saw what I called an abnormal sales price increase simply due to low sales volume and as a function of the properties closed rather than any actual further increase in property values. You’ll see that reflected here with […]
Abilene Favorites Our Favorite Abilene Restaurants Abilene Favorites – Restaurants We’re kicking off a series of our Abilene favorites here at BHGRE Senter, REALTORS. Today we’ve got some of our favorite restaurants around town! Coming up with a couple of top choices is no easy task when we have so many great places to eat here in Abilene.   Krua Thai […]
Housing Insights Abilene Housing Insights: February 2022 This is an interesting month to look at. First, when you look at that median sales price – wow! There are a few things I want to talk about here. The total number of closed sales, while higher than last February, is still much lower than what we see in more active months. For example […]